It is common to use the 12 hour system in conversational German, as you can tell based on context if you mean morning or afternoon, but any written or official time telling will be done in the 24 hour system, because there is no obligatory a.m. or p.m. equivalent like we have in English. Now that we have all of the time expressions out of the way, you can start classifying the times of the day into parts of the day. QuestionHow do we say “It’s 10 past 7” (street speak)? Wissen Sie, wie spät es ist? It is better to ask than to come one hour late to a date… unless of course you’re a girl or…. I think of it as having the subject and verb attached with a string. Easy isn’t it? Read our privacy policy for more info. August 1839 um 2 1/4 Uhr Nachmittags im Lustschlosse zu Possenhofen, k. Landgerichts Starnberg" [Carl Theodor, born 9 August 1839, at 2:15 in the afternoon, in the Lustschlosse, at … So, now, let’s fill in the actual time. Which of these statements are correct for the official “times of day” in German (like in the news speak)? It is thirteen minutes before seven o’clock. Wer Hat An Der Uhr Gedreht Written-By ... Nachmittags 2-1 – Eric Frantzen Chor Und Orchester* Mein Name Ist Hase ... [track 2-15] Beco GmbH ℗ 1964 Polydor GmbH [track 2-16] ℗ 1988 The Decca Record Company [track 2-17] CC ℗ 1973 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hamburg QuestionHow do we answer the question: “What’s the time?” Die Zeit ist…(insert time here) Es ist…(insert time here) Wir sind … (insert time here) Die Uhr ist…..(insert time here) Question 3 of 11 3. Vor dem fünfzehnminütigen Mittagessen wurde immer gesungen. It is six o’clock in the evening.Es ist zehn Uhr in der Nacht. Von 7 Uhr an wurden der Platz und die umliegenden Häuser in Abständen von halben Minuten mit 15 … Morgens gab es normale Schule, aber die Thomaner lernten in einer extra Klasse. Just as the title street speak suggests, street speak is totally cool because it involves some math. Manchmal gab es Zeit zum Fußball spielen, aber wir durften nicht schreien wegen der In both German and English, you can start your sentence with these words. But 5 minutes and 10 minutes… I can feel that. 22:00 Uhr. It is a quarter until eleven o’clock. You can use them with “am” to indicate a specific Monday, Tuesday or other day of the week or you can use the days with an “S” at the end of the word to indicate a recurring action. (rapid cuts of scenery, no coherence, some cool punchlines and it all ends with some student asking) “Sir, when is that due?”  (student making stupid  face, cut to the professor who looks really intense and serious and says) “Any time!”, God, the title just has so much potential. Du bist im Kino. (multiple answers) Welche Zeit ist es? German street speak for the time of day is very similar to English in that we use mechanics similar to the past – to system.. only a little Germanized… as in … twisted. Results are being recorded.Results0 of 11 questions answered correctly Time has elapsed You have reached 0 of 0 point(s), (0) Earned Point(s): 0 of 0, (0) 0 Essay(s) Pending (Possible Point(s): 0) Categories A-Level 0% 1234567891011 Current Review Answered Correct Incorrect Question 1 of 11 1. Es ist ein Viertel vor elf Uhr. well, to me it is within the 5 minute range and I would never say kurz instead of 5… 5 just is such a fixed interval. It is three minutes after four. Es ist zehn Uhr am Morgen. sechs Uhr (can refer to both a.m and p.m)achtzehn Uhr (p.m. only)Germans generally use the 24-hour clock so generally sechs Uhr refers to 6 a.m. and achtzehn Uhr refers to 6 p.m. English natives might find this confusing as they are used to a similar expression referring to the hour BEFORE… so: in German, halb something means that it is not something yet. pro Bestellung. That’s because the Germans use the 24 hour clock. Bei kräftigem Südwestwind ist es sehr mild. It is ten o’clock in the morning.Es ist zwölf Uhr am Mittag. Time of day is boring stuff, period. Normalerweise isst sie um halb eins Mittagessen. (8:40)Es ist fünfundzwanzig Minuten vor sechs. Wohnungen. Which questions are a proper way to ask for the time in German? I hope you liked it and see you next … time. Nights, I play Fortnite. Earned Point(s): 0 of 0, (0) 0 Essay(s) Pending (Possible Point(s): 0). So… Viertel. Question 8 of 11 8. Nein, am Morgen. So… when you know the numbers in German , and you know how to read a digital watch, you are set for news speak… just say Uhr where the : is… and if you want to come across more native, don’t even say Uhr. A strange version of this would include the use of “vor” or “nach” and a number of minutes, usually 5 or 10. You can, however, classify the time of the day like this if you want. To say a full sentence, you can add “es ist” in front of the time. (multiple answers) you only use the numbers from 1 to 12. you can use morgens, abends, nachmittags, nachts to indicate which half of the day you’re referring to you use a.m. and p.m. to indicate which half of the day you’re referring to you use the 48-half hour system For the full hour, you say “Es ist um + number from 1 to 12. If someone were to say kurz and it actually stands for 6 minutes, I would be rather irritated. So, with all these amazing visuals in your heads, let me tell you that todays post is gonna be nothing like that… at all…What? If you cant make it to your Appointment , CALL as soon as possible (at least 48h) to cancle!No Show's kost a lot of money and we would have to charge 50% from the Appointment you booked. This is by far the most confusing time expression my students encounter. Quiz complete. Was hast du am Dienstag? It might take a little to get used to the vor-nach system including halb as a reference but overall, it is nothing too complicated. If you have trouble with this, take any number that is over 12 and subtract 12 from it to get the hour in the 12 hour system. (16:50)Es ist dreiundzwanzig Uhr zwölf. But it is not mandatory and you will be able to understand this article without the first one. 18:57 – Es ist 18 57. Viertel vor drei Quarter until three (2:45)Viertel nach acht Quarter after eight (8:15)Viertel vor zehn Quarter until ten (9:45)Viertel nach fünf Quarter after five (5:15)Es ist Viertel vor zehn. (hanging up) Sooooo … John my exception watchdog just reminded me that there is a variation of street speak which is used in east Germany and some of the southern parts for some reason. It is five after eight. Whenever it is kind of close to one of the 2 poles, halb and um, and the exact minute doesn’t really matter, people will say kurz instead of the very minute. Similarly, when you indicate a specific day, you have to use “am” in front of the day:. QuestionHow do you say: “It’s 17:53 o’clock“ the official sounding way (news speak)? Montag herrscht Westsüdwest-Wetter hinter der abziehenden Kaltfront. As a matter of fact, it has taken me years to figure out which one is which. Es ist 18 Uhr 25. Dropping Uhr doesn’t work for the full hours though. Es ist 5 Uhr 53 p.m. Es ist 53 nach 17 Uhr. Mai um 2 1/4 Uhr Nachmittags glücklich von einem Prinzen entbunden worden" (on 3 May at 2:15 pm). It is twenty-five minutes before six. Anlagen die Versammlung zur Ord nung rief. The same rules as before (with regards to “Minuten” and “Uhr”) still apply. It is twenty-three twelve. Here are a few more examples of this complicated mess. Then, the next thing we need to know is the full half hour… this is done by saying halb followed by the hour TO COME…. mark the article as read and track your progress. © Copyright 2020 Learn German With Herr Antrim - All Rights Reserved, To tell time in German, you can simply put the word “Uhr” between the German numbers for the hours and minutes. We don’t spam! The 2 main questions to ask for time in German are: Yes, that’s right. Lieferkosten: 9,50 zzgl. (multiple answers) the “:” gets replaced with word Uhr it's only used on the radio or on the TV, never in daily life uses the 24 hour system uses the am and pm indicators Question 5 of 11 5. Ihre k. Höh. ….oh crap, sorry, I forgot to give you the German word for quarter. First, let’s do the full hour… in street speak it is done like this:        um + number. It is twelve o’clock in midday.Es ist zwei Uhr am Nachmittag. Question 7 of 11 7. Es ist fünfzehn Uhr It is 15:00, or 15 o’clock) Es ist zwanzig Uhr (It is 20:00, or 20 o’clock) Es ist zweiundzwanzig Uhr (It is 22:00, or 22 o’clock) Keep in mind this isn’t military time like we use in English. Mai. If there is a link that leads to Amazon, it is very likely an affiliate link for which Herr Antrim will receive a small portion of your purchase. How do we say “It’s 10 past 7” (street speak)? Es ist 10 nach 7. It doesn’t mean half past something. Hence you can not start it again. Next time we will talk about all the names for time like today, later, earlier, soon, yesterday, this morning and such and maybe we’ll also do the time prepositions like for, since, in and  ago. It has to do with Viertel (Quarter). 2. MwSt. But we need to be super sure you aren't a robot. … … … …. Katrin geht später um Viertel nach fünf nach Hause. Probably Spam: 2,917 user reports for the phone number +49891247111346 from Germany. Your friends will probably really try to decipher that :). You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. Did you also received a call from the (unknown) number +49 891 247111346 and suspect scam behind it? Time limit: 0 Quiz Summary0 of 11 questions completedQuestions: Information You have already completed the quiz before. Here are a few examples of it. You can also as if someone has the time. Today, we'll learn how to use both of them and have some fun. Categories First of all, for all those who are not aware of it, Germany is using a 24 hour system and German does NOT have the AM-PM concept. You CANNOT use a number higher than 12 for the hour in street speak without sounding extremely foreign. Es ist 17:53 Uhr. Now you know how to say the time of day in German. In daily life people will often introduce the actual question with some polite intro, rendering the  time part itself indirect: Note the inversion of verb and subjaohdfasdfhafdfhhhfhhfhhhfahhhhh… oops, what happened… I … I … , I actually think I fell asleep for a second. Es ist 25 nach 6. QuestionWhat time is it (street speak): 18:25? Es ist 7 Uhr 10. On Friday, I am talking with my boss.Samstags fühlt er am besten. So let’s get it over with…. Saturdays, he feels the best.Das Restaurant bietet sonnabends Rinderbraten an. (6:36)Es ist zwei Uhr. Abendessen Du bekommst die Lorbeeren für Veronicas Arbeit (+ 1 Liebe Claire) - Mo - So/23:00 - 00:00: Wohnung, unterer Flur. The restaurant offers roast beef on Saturdays.Ich besuche am Sonntag eine Kirche. Well, first of, 25 is a rather long word to say and also it is not quite as obvious and comprehensible an amount of time as is 5 minutes. Results are being recorded. [volume] (Baltimore, Md.) halb sechs – 5:30halb fünfzehn – 14:30 (2:30 pm)halb eins – 12:30halb zehn – 9:30. Doesn’t that lead to confusion then? Es ist 17 Uhr 53 p.m. Es ist 17 Uhr 53. QuestionWhich of these statements are true for saying the time of day in “street speak”? Betrunkener kotzt in Hamburg um 14 Uhr Nachmittags bis die Möwen kommen - Duration: 0:39. xxxmantixxx Recommended for you. Do you have time? There are three ways to do it, street speak, news speak and unicorn speak. Also, be careful that you don’t mix it up with my second example below. So if you ask someone at the bus stop for the time, and he or she tells you: Then they are assuming you know the hour. For example: You can also say “drei Viertel”, which is three quarters of the way towards the next hour. Using kurz is extremely common and you should make yourself familiar with it, too, especially as it saves you the math. gesetzl. Think of all the drama, suspense and action it promises… …. However, if not, we need to add something that indicates which 2 we mean ,the noon one or the night one… but more on that later. Here are a few examples to help you get acclimated to this idea. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Alright, now we’re set. Thus far there it is just like the English system. 2.15 Uhr. Evenings, I read.Nachts spiele ich Fortnite. (8:15)Es ist sechs Uhr sechsunddreißig. I am attending a church on Sunday. QuestionWhat time is it in street speak: 08:30? The words you need are “Morgen” (morning), “Mittag” (midday), “Nachmittag” (afternoon), “Abend” (evening) and “Nacht” (night). It is eight fifteen. You might hear something like this: Viertel (quarter) is definitely always given in reference to um. Knowing that it is 5 minutes to halb will give me a much better idea of what time it is than 25 past um… how long is are 25 minutes… how different to 35 minutes do they feel?