This is a dynabook i7 with Nvidia GTS350 graphics (low end) and LinuxMint 17 has Xorg drivers intalled via the auto-select at the install a few days ago; but there is an Nvidia 331 driver on Driver Manager which indicates "recommended", but why would LinuxMint 17 not install the Recommended driver during the install? Das rät auch Nvidia! Am besten, diese kleine Anleitung ausdrucken und daneben legen, weil gleich die GUI weg ist. Intel video acceleration graphic drivers $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install mint-meta-codecs i965-va-driver gstreamer1.0-vaapi vainfo Just open and click Start button on virtual machine. $ sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall depmod… The Linux Mint virtual machine is ready to install. Linux Mint distribution is based on Ubuntu, it offers more complete out-of-the-box experience by including useful stuff like browser media codecs, DVD playback, plugins for browser, Java and other components. It will force a re-compile of the nvidia 304.131 module cleanly against the new kernel . Nvidia-Grafiktreiber installieren (von in Mint 17.x. Follow the standard Linux Mint installation procedure - choose timezone, partitions, username, password etc. Login using previously selected username and password. . Is there an up to date version of this? Disconnect the installation media and reboot. Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver . In dieser deutschsprachigen Linux Anleitung zeige ich dir, wie du unter Linux Mint oder Ubuntu Treiber für deine Geräte installierst. At … Greife nur zu einem neueren Treiber als dem aus der Mint-Treiberverwaltung, wenn es wirklich notwendig ist. Install NVIDIA Drivers on Linux Mint 19 Tara. To install the driver recommended above, execute the command below as user with sudo privileges. Open control center, click on Appearance, go to Fonts tab, make sure Subpixel smoothing (LCDs) is selected and click on the Details button.. Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver . 1. Select the system language and click Continue. In dieser deutschsprachigen Linux Anleitung zeige ich dir, wie du unter Linux Mint oder Ubuntu Treiber für deine Geräte installierst. Install Linux Mint on Hyper-v – Technig. cd /Downloads && chmod +x NVIDIA-Linux-* && sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-* From here, just follow the onscreen instructions and then reboot your computer. e.g. Let the Linux Mint boot on live mode. 2. If anyone is still struggling with display resolution (tiny font) on Linux, here is what i did on my Linux Mint 19 (i switched to Mint). Last thing I can think of is for you to use Mint's Update Manager to install the latest linux kernel in the 3.13.0 series. That situation appears to be changing, though: Alan Cox has posted a new GMA500 driver for the staging tree. The purpose of Linux Mint is to produce a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both powerful and easy to use. Alan says “Currently it’s unaccelerated but still pretty snappy even compositing […] On the desktop of Linux Mint, double click on Install Linux Mint. Intel’s GMA500 graphics chipset has been a source of pain for a few years; unlike almost everything else from Intel, it lacks a free driver. I think it's at last time I checked. Ich zeige die Linux Treiber ... source. Install Oracle Java 8 / 9 in Ubuntu 16.04, Linux Mint 18 July 31, 2016; Install Atom Text Editor in Ubuntu 16.04 (both 32&64bit) August 5, 2016; Install Canon IJ Printer Driver, ScanGear MP in Ubuntu 16.04 August 14, 2016; How to Reset Forgotten Passwords in Ubuntu 16.04 September 2, 2016 Linux Mint läuft auf fast allen PCs und der aktualisierte Unterbau unterstützt neueste CPU-Entwicklungen.